Seven Gambian celebrities who have never travelled on a plane

Here are eight Gambian celebrities who have never entered an airplane.

Bigg Faa

He is a rapper, who is famous for his hit single Anything Anything. Bigg Faa was once refused a visa to The UK, where he was expected to perform for the Gambian community.


She claims to be the country’s numero uno female dancehall singer, but Sophia has never entered an airplane.


He was honoured with five awards at the recent Wahsahalat Music Awards held at the Kairaba Beach Hotel.  But Jizzle has never performed for an international crowd.

Awa Gai

She is a popular TV presenter with the national broadcaster, GRTS. Awa was once married to a semester, but she never had the chance to enter an airplane.


The country’s numero uno reggae DJ, Fireman is yet to perform for an international crowd outside The Gambia.

Fanta Ceesay

She is the most popular female event host in The Gambia. Fanta, who is still single, has never entered an airplane.

Lady Kanku

She is fast becoming the most popular young woman on TV, but Kanku has never stepped beyond Senegal.



Written by Aisha