Preparing future leaders: UDP to hold National Youth Congress

Written by Saja

The Gambia’s biggest political party, the United Democratic Party (UDP) is holding its first National Youth Congress on Saturday in Gunjur to encourage the emergence of young leaders.

The Congress, which is expected to be graced by senior members of the party, will gather some 250 participants from throughout The Gambia, aged 18-35.

In an invitation letter sent to What’s On-Gambia, the organizing secretary, Suku Singateh revealed it would be a one-day congress starting at 9 AM.

Former GRTS boss, Tombong Saidy, who is now a prominent member of the UDP, said: “It started from the ward youth congress, then to the youth constituency congresses, then regional youth congresses and finally to the National Youth Congress where the National Youth Executive will be elected.”

The party will hold a rally after the Congress to introduce the new youth leaders of the UDP.