Are they the richest female celebrities?

Are they the richest female celebrities?

Prepare to be jealous.  Here is a list of some of The Gambia’s richest female celebrities.

Haddy Faye

From a very humble background, she is the most popular event organiser in The Gambia. Haddy is one, if not the wealthiest female celebrity in the country.

Fatou Touray

Famous for her online talk show, Kerr Fatou, she is unquestionably the most highly paid female journalist in The Gambia. Fatou earns from promoting products and services in the form of advertisements on her show.

Lilian Azizi

She is originally from Malawi. Lilian works at the SN Brussels – Banjul office. She is also a businesswoman, who got her fingers in so many pies.

Princess Shyngle

According to Gambia News, the actress recently pocketed millions of Dalasis out of a movie she sold to African TV giant, DSTV. Princess is the most popular Gambian girl on Instagram with more than 300,000 followers.

Chilel Sarr

Her brother-in-law, Samuel Sarr is one of the most influential men in neighbouring Senegal. Chilel is the publisher of EleGance, the most expensive magazine to ever emerge in the country.

Awa Fatty

Through marriage and business, she has accumulated much wealth to be among the wealthiest female celebrities. Awa is the owner of Metro Events and Deco.

Inna Jawara

She is a household name in neighbouring Senegal. Inna is an actress, who is earning a lot from the Senegalese TV series, Une Café Avec. She also owns a fashion shop in Dakar.



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