Serial killer Alagie Moofa Kanyi was a violent husband

Serial killer Alagie Moofa Kanyi was a violent husband

Self-confessed serial killer, Alagie Moofa Kanyi was very abusive to his ex-wife, according to information reaching What’s On-Gambia.

The couple separated shortly after Kanyi was evicted from a compound in Brikama Missira for violently abusing her.

A source disclosed: “The landlord kicked him out because he was always assaulting his then-wife. Their marriage was violent and degrading.”

Alagie was the last witness at the second three-week session of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission, where he disclosed he participated in the killing of the soldiers in the alleged  November 11 coup d'état.

The former soldier also confessed he was among those who murdered 33-year-old finance minister, Ousman Koro Ceesay.

A US-based Jarranka, who begged for anonymity, told What’s On-Gambia that Alagie had a dark, violent history.  

After the 1994 coup that brought Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara’s rule to an end, he became an instrument of murder for the military junta.

Social media commenter, Zakaria Kemo Konteh revealed on Facebook: “Civilians who knew and interacted with Alagie Kanyi have distasteful memories of him thanks to his inherent arrogance and viciousness.”

If his confessions at the TRRC are confirmed, it could make him one of the worst serial killers in Gambian history.



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