From backway to a rising music star in Italy: Introducing Nyima Cham


From backway to a rising music star in Italy: Introducing Nyima Cham

A young Gambian woman, who entered Europe via the back way, is now a rising music star in the Italian city of Bologna.

Born and raised in Bakau, Nyima Cham arrived in Italy in 2016 after a treacherous journey across the Mediterranean to Lampedusa, where she was welcomed with open arms.

“Upon arrival, I was in a refugee camp for less than two weeks before moving to Bologna to start a new journey in life,” she told What’s On-Gambia.

The rising music star disclosed: “I started music in The Gambia after graduating from senior secondary school.  My first single Nyimsin Big and Bad was dropped in 2015. It was tough as a female musician in my home town of Bakau, but I kept pushing.”

Nyima’s second single, Honey Come Hold Me was produced in Italy, a few months after her arrival.

Ever since then, she has worked hard on her career and now has full support from her family in The Gambia.

“Many Gambians in Europe are also beginning to appreciate my music. It’s heart-warming to see your own people supporting what you do.”

Nyima has graced multiple stages in Italy and other parts of Europe. And now she is working on her debut album.



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