Former Marina student reveals crush on journalist Fatou Camara


Former Marina student reveals crush on journalist Fatou Camara

A former student of Marina International School has bravely revealed on Facebook that he has a major crush on famous journalist, Fatou Camara.

Hatib Njie of Fajara wrote: “I have a crush on Fatou Camara. Age is just a number.”

Unsurprisingly, the post garnered a lot of reactions from his friends. One Muhammad Al-Amin Makalo commented: “Good Hatib Njie, you expressing your feelings which I support hundred percent.”

Alieu Riquelme Nyang said: “Age is just a number.  Prophet Muhammed’s wife was older than him 15 years and it worked. Go, go bro and good luck.”

Demba Nyang, who tried to play matchmaker, wrote: “Waw di su Koto yi ragal leh, Ndo yi jel kai. In Sweden, a 29 -year-old basketball player said the same to one of our famous TV stars, Pernilla Wahlgren, 52. She is considering going out on a date dinner with the guy. Fatou warr na la muna date mom.”

Responding to Hatib’s post, Fatou jokingly said: “Chei I hope my kids are not reading this.”

Some Facebook users including famous socialite Ameera Fofana are now rooting for the duo to go on a date. 



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