Sambou Suso, Nyancho, Dave Ndow and Moja selected for Thione Seck’s ECOWAS unity album

Written by Eddy Jatta

Joluv Arts Entertainment’s Sambou Susso, Nyancho, Dave Ndow and Moja are among the West African musicians selected for Thione Seck’s ECOWAS album project.

The Senegalese superstar’s project is said to be the biggest entertainment project right now in West Africa. It involves different musicians from different countries within the sub region.

The CEO of Joluv Arts Entertainment, who is currently in Dakar with the Gambian team, told What’s On-Gambia: “The album aims at promoting peace and unity in West Africa. It would also offer a platform for sprouting musicians to sell their music to a wider audience.”

He added: “Sambou, Dave, Nyancho and Moja are not the only Gambian musicians involved in the project. Another badge is expected to arrive in Dakar in the coming days.

According to Saul, the album would consist of songs in different genres and languages in the sub region.

“All the songs will be visualised by Joluv Arts Production,” he said.

After the production of the album at Thione’s studio in Ouest Foire, the musicians would have a concert tour. They will perform in each West African country including The Gambia.