Uncle James Gomez luhew? Meet the minister who rarely smiles

He is a minister and a businessman, but none of that seems to give James Furmos Peter Gomez a reason to smile in public.

The Minister of Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly Matters always looks bored and miserable for reasons that are still unknown to the majority of Gambians.

A member of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Gomez was appointed by President Adama Barrow in 2017 shortly after the presidential election that ended Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year-old rule.

He is the only minister who is rarely seen smiling, and famous photographers including State of Mic’s Alhagie Manka never caught him showing his teeth.

One social media commenter told What’s On-Gambia: “You never know if he is happy or not. But I heard he is a stand-up guy, very respectful to his staff.”

It just goes to show that “palass” and money are sometimes not sources of happiness.

Luhew, Uncle James Gomez? Please, talk to us!



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