Ajie Amie spent over D1m on plastic surgery to change her face and body

The Gambia’s most famous makeup artist, Aji Amie has raised eyebrows after leaked photos revealed she had plastic surgery on her face and some parts of her body.

The stunning beauty, who emerged on the fashion and makeup scene in 2014, has thousands of followers on social media.

But Ajie Amie recently attracted controversy after it was disclosed she went under the knife and reconstructed her body.  She looks much different today than she did a few years ago.

One of the people who defended her against critics was Ndey Edi in England. She wrote on Facebook: “Is your money and you worked hard for it.  I will do far worse if I had the money. Gambians will never mind their business.”

According to her, the young entrepreneur is a legend in the fashion and makeup industry.

Another Facebook user, Ht Yayi Ndey commented: “Oh God, I really feel for her, is her body and her money so she can do whatever she wants. I have no idea what they will gain from destroying someone’s image.”

Aji Amie is not the first Gambian woman to have plastic surgery.  More on that soon!



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