Steve and Foday Trawally: Gambia’s famous brothers in football


Steve and Foday Trawally: Gambia’s famous brothers in football

Steve and Foday are undoubtedly two of The Gambia’s biggest international footballers.  Along with their roles as national players, the brothers are playing for prominent teams in the Middle East and Europe.

Both started their careers in the country before moving abroad, where they blossomed into shining stars.  Steve was the first to make his mark.

Currently playing for Saudi’s Al-Shabab FC, the 24-year-old was in China for more than three years. He is widely believed to be the first African footballer to be signed straight from the continent by a Chinese team.

Steve told journalists shortly after his China debut: “The transition from The Gambia to China wasn’t easy.  My people were sceptical about my move to China, even my own family members, but now that I came, I saw and I conquered, everybody back home wants to come and play in this country or follow the football. The support of the Chinese league is now growing there and I hope it continues.”

His brother, Foday was recently signed by the Danish Superliga team, Vejle Boldklub becoming one of the youngest Gambians in European football.

According to the Point Newspaper, the 18-year-old, who is fondly called Ozil, is an offensive player.

The Trawally brothers are said to be very close.



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