UDP Lion Jadama condemns Fatou Camara for comments against UDP


UDP Lion Jadama condemns Fatou Camara for comments against UDP

Fatou Camara is still under attack after suggesting the United Democratic Party (UDP) should take a break from politicking and allow President Barrow to govern in a stable environment.

In a Facebook post, the outspoken journalist also condemned the burning of “Barrow Youth Movement” T-shirts at the airport last week after the arrival of the UDP leader, Ousainou Darboe from the USA.

“Burning Tee shirts of a sitting President is NOT a good sign at all. Let us show some respect to the Office of The President as a national institution, please.”

One of UDP’s most vocal supporters in England, UDP Lion Jadama was among those to condemn Fatou’s comments.

In a letter sent to What’s On-Gambia, he wrote: “I am hereby expressing my utmost disappointment over Fatou Camara’s comments. I am with the opinion that she might be behind the burning of the T-shirts hence she is the first person to come out to denounce the action.”

Jadama added:  “UDP is a peaceful party and will always defend the interest of The Gambia and Gambians. We do not condone violence and will never preach it. One thing that is certain we would not let go off anyone who disrespects our party elders.

“However,   I also want Fatou to understand there is no crime in burning a T-shirt that you bought with your own money. It’s not a crime even in advanced democracies.”

The UDP militant appealed to the journalist to “leave their party in peace.”



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