Aspiring president leaks naked photos of ex-wife

Aspiring president leaks naked photos of ex-wife

A France-based Gambian, who wants to become president of The Gambia, has admitted leaking naked photos of his ex-wife on various social media platforms.

In a Facebook live interview with famous comedian, Baba Ja, Buboucarr Jabbe said: “Yes, I leaked the photos online because she insulted my mother.”

The aspiring president disclosed he met his ex-wife online and they got married shortly after.

The ex-wife, who lives in Germany, has been handling the naked photos scandal with maturity. A source told What’s On-Gambia she wants to get the upper hand over Jabbe who is still trying to embarrass her for ending their marriage.

Originally from Basse, Buboucarr jabbe is the founder and leader of the National Progressive Party – one of the many unregistered parties that were established after the end of Jammeh’s 22-year-old rule.

His ex-wife is now remarried.



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