Why is Barrow still using Senegalese bodyguards?

Why is Barrow still using Senegalese bodyguards?

President Adama Barrow is using Senegalese bodyguards wherever he goes.

The private security personnel were hired by the Gambian leader after winning the presidential election against Yahya Jammeh in December 2016.

Sources disclosed to What’s On-Gambia that the Senegalese usually decide who gets to see Barrow, and the president often seeks their input on national issues.

“They have the confidence of the president and his family,” said a source.

According to another source embedded in the Police Headquarters in Banjul, the presence of the Senegalese security personnel is inappropriate for a country with a functional army and police.

Their presence is beginning to stir resentment among the top brass in the police and army.

“If you remember, the security of the president was handed to the Gambia Police Force last year. So why are they Senegalese still in State House?”

What’s On-Gambiawas unable to establish how much the Office of the President is spending on private security contracting.



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