Princess Shyngle is the Gambian queen of Instagram

Princess Shyngle is the Gambian queen of Instagram

With more than 500,000 followers, Princess Shyngle is unquestionable the Gambian queen of Instagram.

The former Ndow’s Comprehensive student became popular after joining the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood and has since won hearts across Africa.

On Instagram, where she regularly shares sexually suggestive photos and videos of herself, Princess described herself as a multiple award-winning actress who loves travelling.

She recently posted: “Don’t fight with people. Don’t clear your name up about anything. Don’t argue with anyone. Let God handle people. The moment you start acting off of your emotions, posting subs, going back and forth with people, trying to be understood by people who clearly just wants to view the same forever, God would stop fighting for you.”

The actress added:  “If God is blessing your life right now don’t allow nothing to stop them blessings from coming in. Yes we hear what some may say about us, but do we see what God is doing in our lives?!"

Not only on Instagram, Princess is also on Facebook and YouTube. 



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