Brikama still waiting for Barrow's free Wi-Fi

Brikama still waiting for Barrow's free Wi-Fi

One of President Adama Barrow's most famous promises during his 2018 Meet the People Tour was to install a free public Wi-Fi across Brikama that would provide residents and visitors with fast, efficient internet connectivity.

But now many young people in the West Coast capital said his "free public Wi-Fi” is a fantasy that even he knows will never be real.

One Mamasanka Sonko in Brikama Daruhairu told What's On-Gambia: "Barrow thinks he can fool us. He's a joke."

Mamadi Krubally in Missiri said: "He just wants us to support his re-election bid and I don't see that happening. The free Wi-Fi is impossible."

Sulayman Darboe in Kembujeh Medina added: "I don't trust Barrow after dumping the Coalition agreement."

However, the minister of information and communications infrastructure Ebrima Sillah revealed GAMTEL has completed a survey and identified places where the Wi-Fi hotspots would be installed.

According to him, other areas that would be included in the project are Brusubi Turntable, Westfield, Serekunda Market and Gunjur.

The president is returning to Brikama this Saturday for a mass rally with his fans. Many are hoping he would give an update on his famous promise.



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