Hamat Bah's new wife threatens to sue WOG

Hamat Bah's new wife threatens to sue WOG

Hamat's Gambian-Egyptian wife has threatened to sue What's On-Gambia if they share the romantic story of how she met the controversial minister.

In a lengthy e-mail, Yasameen said: "I am fully aware of my rights and my legal position."

The Gambian-Egyptian beauty and Hamat's whirlwind romance happened overnight, according to a source close to them.

They tied the knot earlier this year, but the couple kept it firmly under wraps until recently when she broke the news to her social media followers.

One of the first to congratulate them was her friend Fatoumatta Coker. She told Hamat in a Facebook post: "Please, take care of my twin sister. She's one of a kind. She's smart, well spoken, mannered and beautiful."

Yasameen, who has a Gambian mum and an Egyptian dad, holds a dual Gambian and British citizenship.

She has a daughter from a previous relationship.

A full story on her romantic journey with Minister Bah coming soon!



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