Rampant corruption in New Gambia: Works Minister at loggerheads with NRA

Written by Saja

Is the Minister of Transport, Works and Infrastructure Bai Lamin Jobe the most corrupt minister in the New Gambia?

The National Road Authority (NRA) has recently written a strong letter to Minister Jobe asking him to stop interfering in their work.

The NRA's letter, which was signed by their Board of Chairman and copied to the Secretary General and Minister of Finance, follows reports of grand corruption at the ministry including the awarding of no-bid multimillion-dollar contracts.

A source who saw the letter told What's On-Gambia: "It is a three-page letter that covered a lot of issues - from the minister's interference in their work to the awarding of the Banjul Project to Hadim Gai."

The NRA also mentioned that the minister's reluctance to step aside and allow them to do their job is making it very hard for them to reach their annual targets.

They also questioned Jobe's decision to keep them in the dark about the $35.5m Banjul Rehabilitation Project which was given to Hadim Gai without a competitive bidding process.