Ibadu girl appeals to boyfriend: "Please, don't dump me"

Written by Aisha S.

An Ibadu girl in Brufut has appealed to her Kerr Sering boyfriend not to dump her for other girls.  

In an email to What's On-Gambia, Awa Jallow, who uses Ladybella Jallow on Facebook, said: "My relationship is in the midst of dying, I need your help to help me beg my partner on my behalf, please." 

She continued: "Please What's On-Gambia, do it for a sister. I am begging you. His name is Famara Ceesay living in Kerr Sering but his Facebook name is Fams Chisky Csay." 

When asked why her boyfriend wants to end the relationship, Ladybella disclosed: "Before we started dating,  I told him that I was dating another guy but he said he was okay with that. However,  he later said he would like me to leave the guy.  He kept reminding but i wasn't taking our relationship seriously.  

"Now after falling in love with him, he wants to end everything. I love him so much that I can't afford to lose him." 

Ladybella further revealed they started dating in April 2019 after meeting on Facebook.  

"He introduced me to his family," she said.  

WHAT'S ON-GAMBIA'S NOTE: Please, Famara don't break her heart. She loves you and wants to be with you forever. Ladybella is a good girl.