Gambian men are in trouble: #Metoo movement arrives in Gambia

Written by Lamin Saidy

In 2017, the #Metoo movement against sexual harassment and abuse began spreading on American and European social media. It led to the downfall of so many powerful  men in entertainment and politics. 

Now, Gambian women have also joined the controversial movement with a loud bang. 

In the past days, some of them took to social media accusing prominent men including the deputy permanent secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Melville Roberts of sexual wrongdoing. 

Former GRTS journalist, Fatou Dibba wrote on Facebook: "Many women who have kept their sexual assaults to themselves and suffered inside for years have just recently started their healing process." 

She added: "You will be surprised how many women have stories to tell." 

Famous political activist, Femi Mahoney disclosed that a group of women have created a list of names of men who they are planning to to expose and accuse of rape and sexual assault. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday announced they are aware of the rape allegations against Mr Roberts and are seeking appropriate advice from relevant authorities. 

As we go to press,Melville Roberts is accused by nothing less than 20 women of sexual assault and rape.