Rapper Jizzle to make European debut this summer

Written by Saja

One of the most sought -after Gambian rappers, Jizzle will be in Europe this summer, according to reports reaching What's On-Gambia

The "Balling" hitmaker was recently issued a Schengen visa and is currently warming up to perform for Diaspora Gambians in Sweden, Germany and other European countries.  

Dubbed the Lyrical Kiddo, Jizzle was one of the big winners at the 2019 Wahsahalat Music Award. According to Gambian music enthusiasts, he could be the country's next music export. 

His music video for "Balling" has garnered more than 220,000 views on YouTube since it was uploaded seven months ago. 

YouTube user, Don Yard commented: "Jizzle you’re taking Gambian music to another level." 

What's On-Gambia was unable to confirm when exactly Jizzle would arrive in Europe and his concert dates. But a source disclosed that his first performance would be in the Swedish capital of Stockholm in August.