Young man accuses friend of snatching his British girlfriend

Written by Aisha J

A young man (name withheld) has accused his best friend of snatching his British girlfriend of three years.

He disclosed to What's On-Gambia: "I was living with the white lady and my friend was always coming around to help, especially when there is something to fix in the house because he is  a plumber. "

The young man added: "When he learnt that I was having a problem with the lady, he visited while I was away and fabricated lies against me to snatch her. They are now dating."

When asked why he contacted us to share his story, he said: "I want people to stop destroying relationships. People should also avoid white women that play games."

He disclosed that his now ex-girlfriend is from the United Kingdom but frequently visits The Gambia.

She started dating his friend four months ago after abruptly ending their 3-year-old relationship.