Western Embassies grant more than 10 visas to Gambian musicians

Written by Eddy Jatta

Western embassies in The Gambia and neighbouring Senegal have granted more than ten visas to Gambian musicians to perform in their countries this summer.

The most recent to visit Europe is the country's numero uno rapper, ST. He was in the United Kingdom to receive an award from Interface Gambia TV.

"Thank you for your recognition. We dedicate this to our beautiful fans and community who continue to support us. This is your victory," he said after receiving the award.

Five prominent Gambian artists including Gee, Jizzle and Sophia were also recently issued Schengen visas to travel to Sweden in August to perform at a local festival in Stockholm.

It would be Jizzle and Sophia's first time on European soil.

"Coming through Sweden. See how we gon represent The Gambia," the dancehall queen wrote on Facebook.

Bala Ranks, Bai Babu and Magnificent Joe are in Europe right now and have been performing at different cities for the Gambian Diaspora community.