OPINION: Sheriffo Sonko should apologise to Sanneh Kunda

OPINION: Sheriffo Sonko should apologise to Sanneh Kunda

Following the allegations made by the Brikama Area Council chairman Sheriffo Sonko that the people of Sanneh Kunda kabilo were behind #Occupy BAC, we want to inform the general public that this is not true.

It is completely wrong and disrespectful for him to point out only one kabilo out of 24 kabilos in Brikama as troublemakers.

To inform Sheriffo,  the elders of Sanneh Kunda were utterly disappointed, hurt and shocked by his unsubstantiated allegations. The people of the kabilo have no hand in #OccupyBAC and we are not aware of anyone in the kabilo who funded the protest.

Sheriffo should withdraw his allegations immediately and apologise to our elders.

People who are familiar with the history of Brikama would tell you that Sanneh Kunda is one of the most peaceful kabilos in the West Coast Region. We are known for honesty, generosity, truthfulness and hard work.

We would not allow Sheriffo and his team at the Brikama Area Council to dirty our image. We are people of honour and integrity and he cannot and we would not allow him to take that away from us.

 He should focus on his job and stop peddling false accusations.

JS Sanneh

Sanneh Kunda



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