Sering Thiapathioly withdraws support for President Adama Barrow


Sering Thiapathioly withdraws support for President Adama Barrow

US-based comedian, Baba Ja, aka Sering Thiapathioly, has admitted his regrets over supporting President Adama Barrow as he criticised the president’s alleged involvement in the Serahule caste conflicts.

The famous comedian was a prominent supporter of the Gambian leader.

But he has now withdrawn his support following rumours that the State House is behind the release of 23 Serahule men who were detained in Jang Jang Bureh.

A source at the Ministry of Justice disclosed to What's On-Gambia: "Yes, it's true that they were released. You may not believe this but a High Court judge in Banjul was sent to Jang Jang Bureh to release them because the judge overseeing the case is on holiday."

In a Facebook video, Sering Thiapathioly accused President Barrow of interfering with the courts.

He told his followers: "I am withdrawing my support for the president. I would no longer defend him or his government because they want a lawless nation and lawless society."

The 23 Serahule men from Koina in the Upper River Region were arrested and dragged to court earlier this year for their involvement in caste-based violence.

Meanwhile, another prominent member of the Gambian online community, Femi Mahoney has also withdrawn his support for Barrow, accusing him of "playing a very nasty and divisive politics".




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