Operation 3 Years Jotna could affect tourist arrivals in December


Operation 3 Years Jotna could affect tourist arrivals in December

According to Tourism stakeholders, Operation 3 Years Jotna could negatively impact the arrival of tourists from Europe and other parts of the world.

In a Facebook post, prominent Gambian chef at Senegambia Beach Hotel, Saihou Bojang wrote: "Those advocating for 3 Years Jotna should think of the impact on their families."

He disclosed that many tourists are beginning to cancel their trips to The Gambia.

"Our economy depends heavily on tourism. Let's stop this threat and think responsibly. Let's not hate ourselves. 3 Years Jotna has nothing to do with our constitution. The law says five years. Let's honour that."

Thousands of Gambians are planning to take to the streets in December to call for President Adama Barrow to relinquish power in accordance with the Coalition's Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Commenting on Chef Bojang's post, Lawyer Yankuba Darboe argued: "As long as he does not make the rights steps to address the disquiet, the crisis will not just resolve itself. The matter cannot be shelved for another year but needs to be resolved this year. 

"I believe the pressure should be on the President to make the initiatives either to relinquish power or negotiate with the country! 

"It is not those who seek to hold their elected officials accountable for their pledges that should be blamed, but the elected officials, who refuse to fulfil their pledges!!"

However, Barrow’s supporters are still insisting he was elected in 2016 to serve for five years as stipulated in the constitution. 

Some of them argued the MOU that brought him to power was only a gentleman's agreement.



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