Barhama becomes latest musician to own a car

Barhama becomes latest musician to own a car

The lead vocalist of Kerr Gi Family, Barhama Cham has become the latest Musician to buy a car.

The popular singer, who is now pursuing a solo career, joined other young musicians such as ST, Jizzle and Gee to drive their own cars.

Barhama took to Facebook to share photos of his new baby. He wrote: "Counting my blessings. I thank God for everything that’s coming on my way."

The photos garnered more than 600 likes, with one Gibril Sanneh commenting: "May Allah continue to shower his blessings on you."

The Kerr Gi Family star is unarguably one of the most talented singers in the country. He is right now in Sweden to perform at the Selam Cultural Festival this weekend.



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