Another scandal at State House: Barrow disowns his driver

Written by Lamin Saidy

President Adama Barrow  has publicly disowned his chief driver, Mansa Sumareh after Police revealed his alleged involvement in a diplomatic passport fraud. 

Mansa was arrested last week on suspicion of fraudulently helping one Bakary Susso get a diplomatic passport. 

On Monday, the Director of Press and Public Relations at the State House, Amie Bojang-Sissoho wrote in a press release: "For clarity and accuracy, Mansa Sumareh is neither the Chief Driver nor a driver of the President."

She added: "Mr Sumareh ceased being the Chief Driver of the Head of State since November 2018."

Gambians on social media responded to the press release with some suggesting the president was aware of the fraud. 

MC Cham in the USA wrote: "On all the things happening, this is the one that you chose to do a press release on. I guessed it’s close to home."

Another US-based Gambia, Tukulor Sey also wrote: "Barrow, we don’t give a damn about his employment status!!!! What Gambians are livid about is the fact that A DRIVER LINKED TO YOU is involved in a passport scandal. That is all your fault due to your incompetence as President. Period!!!!"

Mansa was said to be one of the closest to the president. Shortly after the presidential election in 2016, Barrow allegedly gifted him a car worth more than D0.5m.