Anastasiia holds a Gambian diplomatic passport

A Ukrainian beauty who regularly flaunts her wealth online is one of the many Europeans who allegedly paid hundreds of thousands of Dalasi to obtain a Gambian diplomatic passport. 

Anastasiia Hortman lives a lavish lifestyle, frequently posting her luxury vacations in different parts of the world. 

A copy of her Gambian diplomatic passport - which was issued on the 24th  July 2019, and expires on 24th July 2024- is currently making the rounds on social media.

According to the passport, the 24-year old beauty is an Economic Adviser to President Adama Barrow's government. 

Reports reaching What's On-Gambia revealed her husband, Roman Ziemian, an alleged scammer who also holds a Gambian diplomatic passport, paid a princely sum for the treasured travel document. 

One Lee Lindsay, a British national, who was staying at the Oasis Apartment Complex in Senegambia, was said to be their contact person in The Gambia. 

"Maybe he got the passports for them," said a source.

In a press release, the Gambia Government 's spokesman, Ebrima Sankareh revealed they have established a Task Force comprising officials of The Gambia Police Force, Immigration Department and the State Intelligence Services(SIS) to adequately investigate how Anatasiia, her husband and others obtained their passports. 



Written by Saja