Stay clean! Young artists who don't smoke weed or drink alcohol

Written by Eddy Jatta

Here are the young Gambian musicians who don't smoke marijuana or drink alcohol. 


He is one of the most popular reggae dancehall musicians in the country, but ENC doesn't toy with marijuana.


Everyone familiar with Barhama says the same thing about him: He is very disciplined. The singer doesn't smoke or drink alcohol. 

Jali Madi

He has been in the music scene for many years, but Jali Madi lives a marijuana-free life. 

Amadu Vypa

Vypa doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke marijuana. He has never according to his friends. 

Cihu Yaffa

He's a sprouting musician, but it’s worth noting that the Desna Ci Yow hitmaker doesn't smoke weed or drink.

O Boy

He's a household name, but O Boy still lives a lifestyle free from marijuana and alcohol. 

Mighty Joe

According to sources, Mighty also lives a pretty clean life. He abstains from weed and alcohol.