Fanta Ceesay warns girls against sex with semesters

Fanta Ceesay warns girls against sex with semesters

Popular radio presenter and model, Fanta Ceesay has recently taken to Instagram to caution girls against having sex with semesters.

She wrote: "Ladies, I am here to remind you. Remind you of your worth. If he didn’t value you 7-8 month ago, what makes you think he will value you in December?”

Fanta continued: "Why? Because it's cold and he wants to keep warm with your body. A man that values you would never risk losing you, or play you:"

The Afri Radio presenter is among the country's famous celebrities who are still struggling to find a husband.

She told her 4, 800 Instagram followers that a seasonal partner is worst than having no partner at all.

"So please stay awake. Don't lose al the progress you've made these past months, only to say I have a bae," said Fanta.



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