Prominent doctor says some of our imams are rapists

Prominent doctor says some of our imams are rapists

One of the country's most prominent Russian-trained doctors, Babanding Daffeh has revealed that some of our imams are rapists.

Dr Daffeh, who works at the Kanifing General Hospital, was on Tuesday invited at the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRCC) to testify on sexual and domestic violence in The Gambia during the 22-year-old rule of former President Jammeh.

He disclosed: "I have seen imams involved in rape. I have seen outasses involved in rape."

The Russian-trained doctor told the TRRC commissioners that silence, stigma and shame are the biggest contributors to gender-based violence in The Gambia.

One Tima Gaye, who was watching Dr Daffeh's testimony on QTV's Facebook page, commented: "Some imams, not all deh, are the dirties, doing all sorts of dirty things with their big waramba pretending to be holy. God help us."



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