Gambian migrants in Italy form new association

Written by Eddy Jatta

Gambian migrants living in the Italian island of Sardinia and its neighbouring regions have formed an association to promote unity and cooperation among themselves.

Named the Gambia Society in Sardinia, it is led by Osman Fatty, a university student and a refugee activist.

He told What's On-Gambia: "After reflecting over the problems we are encountering here in Italy and believing in the adage that there is strength in unity, we decided to come together and formed the association."

Ousman continued: The Gambia Society in Sardinia seeks to foster greater understanding among its members. It also aims at safeguarding and promoting our different Gambian cultures."

According to him, the association, which is now two months old, has 200 members - the majority of them arrived in Italy via the Mediterranean Sea.

The executive members include Alieu Darboe, Alagie Jallow, Alassana manneh, Muhammed Sora, Yankuba Jatta, Mansa Musa and Bamba Janneh.