Why is cosmetic surgery becoming so popular among Gambian women?

Written by Aisha J

More and more young Gambian women are travelling to Turkey to undergo affordable cosmetic surgery.

Rumour reaching What's On-Gambia revealed that a famous Gambian-Egyptian socialite (name withheld) was recently in Turkey to improve the appearance of her buttocks.

"She now looks more beautiful," said a source who claimed to be close to her.

According to the source, cosmetic surgery in Turkey costs about D200, 000 and this includes a variety of expenses like surgeon fees, anaesthesia-related costs and medications.

Because of its low cost and the presence of Turkish Airlines in the country, the Middle Eastern country is now a popular destination among young women who want drastic makeovers.

One of the first Gambians who went under the knife to reshape their bodies is Mona Jallow. She now works as a flight attendant.

More details coming soon!