Gee, ST and Jizzle decline meeting with President Barrow

Written by Lamin Saidy

Gee, ST and Jizzle were among the artistes who turned down an invitation to the State House, according to reports reaching What's On-Gambia.

The award-winning artistes allegedly declined to take part in a meeting between President Adama Barrow and musicians on Sunday at the State House in Banjul.

Gee wrote on Facebook: "We will not praise sing for any president or political party or politicize our music industry."

The outspoken rapper added: "If an artist wants to engage in politics, do it at your own will but not in the name of Gambian artistes or the Music Union."

It was claimed that Gee, ST and Jizzle made their reluctance clear during discussions about the arrangements for the meeting.

"Jizzle and ST declined the invitation because they were busy with their upcoming events," said a source.

Meanwhile, the Gambia Music Union, which is now led by Gee, has issued a press statement distancing themselves from the State House meeting.

According to them, the artistes who were present went there at their own will and had nothing to do with Gambian artistes or the Music Union as a whole.