Bigg Faa says he has no regret about meeting Barrow

Written by Saja

Bigg Faa has said he has no regrets about meeting with President Adama Barrow because he was there to tell him the problems in the Gambian music industry.

The Anything Anything hitmaker was among the musicians who met the Gambian leader on Sunday at the State House in Banjul.

Speaking to What's On-Gambia, Bigg Faa said: "I told him some of the problems in our music industry and how his government could help the industry grow."

The State House visit was set up by DJ Lamin Cham of Champions Sound and D'Jobz of Joluv Arts Entertainment.

The Tallinding rapper said he knew his presence at the meeting would spark diverging reactions on social media. But he argued he would never decline an invitation to meet the president.

"We need the government's support for our music scene to thrive. I made a few suggestions during the meeting and among them is the establishment of a music office or officer to act as a single point of contact between the government and the music community."

On youth employment, Bigg Faa disclosed President Barrow promised to create thousands of new jobs for young Gambians.