The Gambia's public smoking ban finally begins

Written by Eddy Jatta

The government of President Adama Barrow has vowed to enforce the Tobacco Control Act, which has existed since 2016 but never took effect.

Under the Act, here are the places in which smoking is prohibited:

A. Offices, office buildings and workplaces including individual offices, public areas, corridors, lounges, guest rooms, lodging, eating areas, reception areas, lifts, escalators, foyers, stairwells, toilets, laundries, amenity areas

B. Court buildings

C. Factories

D. Hotels

E. Bars and restaurants

F. Hospitals, clinics and other health institutions

G. Education institutions of all levels

H. Premises in which children are cared for

I. Public places of worship

J. Prisons

K. Police cells

L. Public service vehicles and other means of public transportation

Public transport terminals, including airports and airfields

N. Retail establishments including markets and shopping malls

O. Cinemas and theatrical performance halls

P. Sports stadia

Q. And such other places as may be prescribed by regulations