Banjul girl: I'll never forgive my brother

Written by Aisha J

The 24-year-old Banjul girl who was attacked with boiling water is staying strong - but said she is 100 percent done with her brother and has no intention of ever forgiving him.

"I want him to rot in prison. He is not my brother," said Adam Mbenga.

The 24-year-old was lying in her bed when her brother, Omar Njie poured boiling water on her, causing burns to her face, neck, chest and shoulders.

He fled shortly after the attack on Sunday but was later arrested and detained at the Banjul Police Station.

Adam disclosed: "He is right now on bail. I will never forgive him. Omar is wicked, heartless, brutal and evil."

The siblings, who share the same mother but different fathers, will very soon face each other in court over the incident that continues to tear their family apart.