Don’t criticize us! Capital FM takes Gee’s music off-air

Written by Eddy Jatta

What kind of Gambian music industry is it when an artist isn’t even being shown love from a local radio station? 

Rumors are swirling around town that Capital FM has scrapped Gee’s songs from their playlist following an altercation with the rapper. 

Gee, known for being very outspoken, told What’s On-Gambia that the alleged ban is news to him. “I heard about it last week. It just shows the type of people we have in our music industry?” 

Information reaching What’s On-Gambia also revealed that a popular female DJ stopped working for the radio station because of her dissatisfaction with the decision. 

When quizzed over his problem with Capital FM, Gee said; “It happened months ago. They had this program in which they said I stole the Bul Falleh Nyee concept from Abdou Guité Seck and a whole bunch of BS. I wrote a status on my Facebook that presenters should do more research before going on air. I also wrote to Saul Sowe, the CEO.” 

Many people would agree with Gee's sentiments, but Capital FM wasn’t happy with what the rapper wrote on Facebook. 

“They felt he disrespected them,” said our source. 

Has there ever been a Gambian artist banned on radio? 

“I can’t remember. How can capital FM come up with such a decision? So petty and irrelevant! I think they should reconsider it, if they want to promote their image in the music industry,” said a senior musician. 

What’s On-Gambia has reached out to the radio to get their side, a member of the management team, Christopher Tijan Smith told us; “That report should be checked again because it was not made official. Capital FM knows nothing about it and I don`t think we want to be a part of Gee`s story. Sometimes certain entities don`t like to be in certain reports like the one you’re trying to clarify.” 

Capital FM is one of The Gambia’s newest radio stations. According to them, they have the widest coverage on the FM band. The CEO, Saul Sowe is a well-respected music promoter in the country.