Brusubi residents accuse Wally Seck of ruining their sleep

Written by Lamin Saidy

Hundreds of young women and their "goor jiguene" boyfriends and husbands were overjoyed and happy to see Wally Seck on stage at QCity over the weekend. 

But residents living near QCity were not happy. Some of them claimed the Senegalese superstar ruined their sleep.

"In our compound, no one was able to sleep even the youngest was awake until 5am," said one Ebrima Touray of Brusubi.

He added: "The owner of QCity should have big soundproof halls if he intends to continue with such big shows than using the football field causing lots of disturbance, distraction and sleepless nights within the whole neighbourhood."

According to him, the noise from Wally's concert was excessively loud that it could be heard miles away.

However, the fans who were at the venue were delighted by the Senegalese star's performance and his dedication to his fans.

The promoter, Pa Malick Mbye of Mame Diarra Production took to Facebook to thank them for attending the event. He wrote: "I want to take this opportunity to thank you. We value your support and contribution toward our programs."

Wally is expected back in the Gambia in February for the Valentine's Day celebrations.