Why are young Gambians dying in Italian hospitals and streets?

Written by Saja

A father of one from Abuko is the latest young Gambian to die in an Italian hospital.

Ansumana Badjie, a former construction worker in Libya, moved to Italy shortly after the outbreak of the Libyan civil war in 2014.

His brother-in-law, Sarjo Tamba disclosed: "He died following a sudden illness. I am shattered and still can't believe he is gone."

Another young Gambian, Lamin Suso, who also arrived in Italy by sea, was recently hit and killed by a truck in Rome.

His brother disclosed on Facebook he was cycling home from work when he was struck by the truck.

"Lang Boy, as I fondly called him, was a respectful young brother to me. He will confide in me almost everything he wanted to do. He had so much respect, trust and confidence in me that he just can't do a thing without telling me. I'm gonna miss you but I pray that Allah grant you the highest of places in Jannah."

Lamin's family and friends have so far raised more than 1000 dollars to send his remains to The Gambia for proper Islamic funeral under the teachings of Islam.

Other young Gambians who died in Italy in 2019 include Lamin Jawara from Badibou, Alieu Sama from Farafenni, Malang Jambang and Alieu Krubally.