BNL show celebrates first anniversary: Singateh, Rugi, Gee and S.T lead congratulations for Ida Bidwell

Written by B. Jeng

It’s been a wonderful year for Banjul Night Live (BNL). Launched last year, the popular entertainment show is unquestionably one of the most watched programs on the Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS). 

It has not been an easy year for presenter, Ida Bidwell and her team. It has been a year filled with hard work, creativity and fighting the ‘pull down’ syndrome.  Despite all the obstacles and lack of adequate sponsorship, BNL succeeded in creating a venue for talent to be showcased.  Some of their popular guests included music legend, Musa Afia Ngum and veteran cultural promoter, Oko Drammeh. 

These are what some of our local artists have to say about BNL’s first anniversary; 

Congratulations to Ida and the whole team! BNL is a very good show and I was one of their guests. They are doing a great job and I wish them all the best. BNL is really helping in promoting Gambian artists. Keep it up! 

I've been working with Hotink throughout my musical career. The amount of ideas these guys have is amazing.  They can run an entertainment channel on their own. 

When BNL started I remember Moeblac telling me the platform he wants to create for us artist to benefit from with Ida being the host.  They’re both very hardworking and being a couple to me was the advantage because they wouldn't have distractions. 

It started with no sponsors, but they were not ready to stop for anything.  Continue the hard work guys. I’m sure that I’m not just speaking for myself but our entire entertainment industry. It’s just one year and I can't count the number of episodes. Keeping both Gambians here and outside up to date on what’s going on here visually. BNL has my vote on that! May Allah continue to guide and open more doors for the show. 

When people are talking about popular TV shows for me it is BNL. During my European summer tour, I always hear Gambians in the diaspora talking about the show.  That alone shows that people are watching it and that it is a super cool show. Ida kills it and the production is dope. I was among the first artists that were invited on the show. I was not sure that BNL will last long but here they are celebrating one year and many more years to come. I want everyone to go and support them during the anniversary celebrations. 

BNL is doing great; they took a different dimension in promoting Gambian music and artists, from individual interviews to performances on TV, giving us the chance to expose our talent. I wish them all the best and I want to encourage them to keep doing what they do. Happy anniversary!! 

Here are the BNL anniversary tour dates and venues; 

FRIDAY, 4th October – Sunswing Hotel

SATURDAY, 5th October – Atlantic Hotel

FRIDAY, 11th October- Brikama Jokor 

The artists performing are: Gee, Manding Morry, Jali Madi, S.T, Benjamin, Slam G and Abou ak Fafa.