Hands off my man! Modou Lo calls it quits with Gambian girlfriend? – Now dating model

Written by F Mbaye

It seems Modou Lo is no longer interested to further his relationship with Gambian beauty Ya Amy Jobe. 

The Senegalese media revealed that the champion wrestler has been spending time with model and businesswoman, Aida Kiita Ndao. 

“I’m in a serious relationship, and inshalah I hope it leads to marriage (smile). He supports me and I respect him for that. He knows my values and I fight every day to make him proud. You pray for me!”  Aida said in a recent interview. 

She is the current Miss Africités, a beauty pageant that started in Senegal last year. Modou Lo is reportedly so smitten with her that he even invites her regularly to his house. 

The Gambia’s Ya Amy Jobe has been extremely quiet about her rumoured relationship with the wrester, only recently telling What’s On-Gambia that she is not dating Modou Lo.  “I don’t discuss about my personal affairs. It’s my life, let them keep talking. My ears are on the air to people’s gossips.” 

The former West African International School student was renowned for her flamboyant lifestyle. But recently she made some positive changes in her life.  

“I used to go clubbing but nowadays I am hardly out. I’ve so many vital things to concentrate on,” Ya Amy told our reporter. 

Photo courtesy of La Solution