Balla Gaye’s father tells Hellen Maroun: Stay out of the spotlight

Written by Eddy Jatta

By now, you’ve probably heard about Hellen Maroun. She became famous after marrying champion wrestler, Balla Gaye 2. 

Since her husband’s famous victory over Tapha Tine, Hellen has been shying away from the public eye. She temporarily deactivated her Facebook account and also pulled the plug on her budding music career. 

Why the sudden low profile? 

Reports are surfacing that Hellen’s father-in-law, Double Less was vocally displeased with her last interview with RFM’s Jonganté. In the interview, she described the agony of being the wife of a champion wrestler. 

Shortly after the broadcast of the interview, Double Less reportedly asked her to tone it down amid concerns that she is leaving her husband open to unnecessary attention.   According to the Senegalese media, she is not likely to comment again on Balla’s wrestling bouts. 

Sources hint that the former Maroun Supermarket manageress, is doing all she can to oblige and keep her marriage intact. She doesn’t want to cause any embarrassment for the Sakho family.  

Unlike Balla Gaye’s first wife, Hellen is from a popular family and makes a living helping with her family’s business.  

Media reports also indicated she has finally reconciled with her co-wife and ended their longtime feud.