Inter-caste marriage proposal meets parents’ disapproval: Afro-manding star, Jali Madi Kanuteh in dilemma


Why are some parents so opposed to their daughter’s choice of marriage partner?

The famous engagement between singer Jali Madi Kanuteh and estate agent, Fatoumatta Jallow now has a cloud hanging over it.

Miss Jallow’s family is not

“I have no intention of getting back with Balla Gaye!”Hellen Maroun writes to What’s On-Gambia


Hellen Maroun has apparently had enough of What’s On-Gambia writing about her failed marriage to champion wrestler, Balla Gaye.

The marriage lasted for a brief one year before the famous couple called it quits in 2013. Hellen, who used

Jaliba Kuyateh’s Casamance empress: Tuti Kuyateh looks cheerful on a shopping outing despite rumoured beef with co-wife


She recently got into a fight with co-wife, Fatou Kuyateh, and it was real crazy. Her husband, Jaliba Kuyateh had to step in to bring order in the house.

But Tuti Kuyateh looked happy as she went shopping last weekend in Cardiff, Wales