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July 16, 2014
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Interview with a Swedish-Gambian singer: Aminatah is in love with her fatherland, The Gambia!
By Alieu Khan | |
Aminatah Baldeh is a Swedish singer with a Gambian father.
CONGRATULATIONS! Nollywood Actress Bella Gassama gets married to US-based Pa Lie Low
By Saja | |
Actress Bella Gassama is now married. The upcoming Nollywood star
Miss 22 July, Haddijatou Hydara denies secret trysts with Haddy Faye’s Raafat Al-Ahmar
By Badou Jeng | |
Miss 22 July, Haddijatou Hydara has vehemently denied rumors that
Nancy Nanz, Rugie and Cess Ngum: Where are they now?
By Saja | |
The Gambian music industry is ‘not female-friendly at all.’ The