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August 12, 2015
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Is GTB about to introduce beach fees in the Senegambia Strip?
By Lamin Saidy | |
The idea of free unlimited fun on the sandy beaches
PRESS RELEASE: Nusrat ex-students form an alumni association
By Gainde | |
This is to inform the general public and all former
Is rapper Killa Ace lying to gain asylum in America?
By Saja | |
Now that it is extremely difficult to enter Europe and
LISTEN: Bigg Rozay’s new single ‘Bai Bandi Bandi Lu’ wins him new fans
By Badou Jeng | |
Bigg Rozay is establishing himself as one of the upcoming
Lifeguard Dodou Bah: Majority of Gambians can’t swim
By Lamin Saidy | |
A famous lifeguard, Dodou Bah, has revealed that majority of
No, it can’t be true: Haddy Faye and Oumie Fofana’s friendship on the rocks
By F Mbaye | |
Can you remember the last time you saw Haddy Faye
Aspiring young singer claims she dated footballer Jack Jagne
By Gainde | |
Gambian football star, Jack Jagne is in the spotlight for
“You’re my super dad”: Lawyer Darboe’s daughter writes him a sweet birthday message
By Saja | |
In the courts, he’s revered for his intellect. In politics,
Silky Criss gets cozy with Madam Horoscope in new photos
By Saja | |
Being one of the hottest reggae singers in the country,