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April 2016
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33,000 hits in one week! Nfally Fadera’s Bitilo Kibaro climbs to new high
By Lamin Saidy | |
It’s official! Bitilo Kibaro is the biggest online/radio news program
Famous Hollywood stars to attend Gambian premiere of the new Roots
By Alieu Khan | |
Get ready to meet some famous actors! Top Hollywood stars
Italian mafias declare war on Gambian migrants in Sicily
By Eddy Jatta | |
Sicily is the birthplace of mafia. But the syndicate that
Rapper OG Log: “I slept with more than 1000 girls in five years”
By Gainde | |
Girls crave whoopee with famous dudes like him, there’s no
Janine Maroun makes rare appearance after break up
By Gainde | |
She has been keeping it quiet and low since rumors
LISTEN: Seven-year-old boy talks against ‘back way’
By Lamin Saidy | |
The cultural shocks sweep even adult Gambians off their feet
Politics in the bedroom: Meet the couple divided along party lines
By Saja | |
United by love but divided by politics. Ous Touray and
Danny and Fanta set to co-host 2016 Wah Sahalat Music Awards!
By Saja | |
It seems the Wah Sahalat Music Awards (WMA) is going
First Lady attends special session on cancer control in OIC member states
By lamin jatta | |
The Gambia’s first lady Madam Zenab Jammeh has attended the
Who will help this 5-year-old get treatment overseas?
By Eddy Jatta | |
The joys of toddlerhood have eluded him. Sambou is only
A chat with MaximBady: The Gambian boy making millions of dalasi on social media
By Alieu Khan | |
Gambians have talents and MaximBady, a UK-based young Gambian has
Gambian celebrities react to the arrest of protestors
By Saja | |
They’ve been ‘doing their thing’, turning away from political controversies
Easy wut: Gambians protest ban on free midnight calls
By F Mbaye | |
The Gambia Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) claimed to be
Is Saihou Camara planning to register a political party?
By Saja | |
He’s regular and outspoken on social media, but had Saihou
Abaraka! WFP feeds 500 children daily in Kerewan Lower Basic School
By Lamin Saidy | |
Times are tight and the burden of feeding children is