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April 6, 2016
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Swedish reggae star, Kapten Röd latest celebrity to visit The Gambia
By Saja | |
Swedish reggae giant, Kapten Röd has arrived in The Gambia
Why are Gambian dads not taking paternity leave to spend time with newborn babies?
By lamin jatta | |
Although working men in The Gambia generally are reluctant to
Nyu sobu domo lay tuta: Really, Daily Observer? A fight with What’s On-Gambia?
By Gainde | |
The pro-government newspaper, Daily Observer is no stranger to throwing
The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in The Gambia you must visit!
By Alieu Khan | |
Known by the world’s hospitality industry as the Smiling Coast,
VIDEO: The most famous Gambian butt with nearly 1m views on YouTube
By F Mbaye | |
Khaddi Sagnia has earned international admiration for her athletic prowess
Chei aduna! Gambians in Sweden don’t trust each other anymore!
By Saja | |
Gambians in Sweden are having trouble trusting each other in
Stop it! The girls in this viral toilet selfie are NOT Gambians
By Eddy Jatta | |
Contrary to rumours you might have heard, this creepy toilet