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A chat with Filly Suso: The ‘jali musso’ who refused to sing
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A chat with Filly Suso: The ‘jali musso’ who refused to sing

Filly Suso is from a griot family in Bundung, Serre Kunda. But the young Gambian girl has chosen a different path. Enjoy our chat with her:

What’s On-Gambia: Who is Filly Suso?

Filly: My real name is Fatou Suso, but I am commonly known as Filly. I am the first child in my family. I was born in Bundung, but now we live in Brusubi (Phase 1). I have one sister, Jatou F Suso. She is my everything. I love her to death.

From which Suso family do you belong?

My family is originally from Wuli Sarahamadi near Jakunda, but they later moved to Wuli Sutukonding.

Are they practicing griots?

My grandparents are the only practicing griots right now. They live in Bundung Suso Kunda.

Do you sing?



I was busy studying, and now focusing more on my job as marketing officer at Universal Properties on Kairaba Avenue.

What exactly do you do at Universal Properties?

Like I told you, I am a marketing officer. I sell land, meet customers and valuate properties.

Who are your favorite griots?

My grandparents and Jaliba Kuyateh

I also love Jali Nenneh Susso of Brikama. She is my cousin.

Are you going to marry a jali?

I am after love. I don’t care whether you are a jali or not. I am against tribalism.

What is your relationship status?

It’s personal


No comment.

What do you have in your handbag right now?

Perfume, novel and universal properties brochures.

Are Gambian women cheap?

No, they are not. They have value, they respect themselves and they are beautiful, both in and out. 


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