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Alhassan’s story: From a poor village boy to an actor in America
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Alhassan’s story: From a poor village boy to an actor in America

In life they say, no condition is permanent. That is the story of Alhassan Darboe from selling watermelon as a 7-year-old in the streets of Gunjur village to a Real Estate broker and budding actor in America.

Writing in a post that connected with a lot of people, Alhassan wrote: “Woke up today so grateful for the transformations in my life. I used to ride a donkey cart to work at my parents' farm since the age of 5 and now drive my dream car in America. I used to hawk watermelon in the streets of Gunjur as a 7-year-old and now I have graduated to more luxurious items as a Real Estate broker in America.

"My parents never had any formal education and now I am in my final semester of graduate school with the goal of eventually getting my PhD to set a standard for future generations of my family”.

Writing further, the budding Gambian actor revealed how he was making about 30 Dollars a month as a freelance journalist in The Gambia before immigrating to the USA.

He wrote: “I used to earn just $30 as a freelance reporter in The Gambia and now that’s a tip I give to waiters at a restaurant. I used to be a renter and now I am a landlord with multiples homes in different countries. I am grateful to all my friends, clients and strangers that made it possible for me to have a better life with their support, mentorship and business referrals”.

Gambian author and journalist Famara Fofana wrote: “You are absolutely on the money. Your story strikes a chord with those of us who share a similar childhood experience and are running from pillar to post to see that our past doesn't define our today and the future. You are offering most of us a glimmer of hope.”

Also responding, Abdoulie Touray of Sahel investment responded: “If you can conceive it, and believe it, it’s possible. “The mind is a terrible thing to waste “We are proud of you the Prince of Gunjur."

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